Meet Laique Rehman

Laique Rehman is a lifelong conservative Republican who has lived in District 7 more than three decades. He has supported and worked for Republican candidates for decades. His two children studied at public schools in the District and went on to graduate from Harvard and the other studying Health Sciences. He has been a active Republican and represented his district many times as delegate in the Republican State Convention.

Laique has a A Level from University of Cambridge and a Bachelors from Syracuse University.

He is a small businessman in the Oil and Gas Industry who has been at forefront selling American Oil and Gas Commodities in the Global markets. The company, he started has exported hundreds of millions of dollars of US made products to countries Globally. Laique has been a speaker as well as panelist on prestigious Oil and Gas forums globally.

Laique has been a prominent member of the community standing up for conservative causes including suing the US Government over Census in the US Supreme Court.