Laique on the Issues


Federal deficit for 2022 will exceed $1.66 trillion. I consider this as one of the greatest threats facing our nation. This government loves printing dollars for their handouts. Like any business, we need to cut costs across the board and shut down some Federal Programs including some Departments. We need to restore competition in all sectors of the economy by protecting small and mid-size business…. nothing is too big to fail.


We need to modernize our electricity grid while maintaining our independence to avoid a future winter freeze in Texas. I will work across the aisle to ensure the funds collected from the district are spent to improve the infrastructure of the district and our great State of Texas to avoid flooding such as one experienced during Harvey. Similarly, as our exports Oil, Gas and downstream products grow we need to improve our infrastructure including Ports and Waterways that are vital for exporting our products.


I will work relentlessly to ensure our military is in possession of the most advanced weapons to give them an edge over their adversaries. I supported President Trump decision for getting us out of endless wars and use the money to modernize our military and improve the support for our honored veterans, who served our country.


COVID-19 has left millions of Americans unemployed and closed thousands of small businesses across the state. We must rebuild our economy as quickly as possible and get Americans back to work. Our current representative and her green colleagues are working to choke fossil fuels industry thru both political and financial pressure. I support our fossil fuel industries efforts to reduce their carbon footprint by using the latest advanced technology. We must work together attract jobs from the new economy. Small business remains the largest employer in the US. For the record our Shale Oil and Gas was not developed by large oil majors but by smaller outfits. I will work to protect the creativity and ingenuity of our small business.


Having worked for decades in the frontlines of American trade selling US products for a living, I understand the importance of fair trade. I will work relentlessly to remove obstacles facing US products and services when they enter other countries. Countries all over the world want access to our markets similarly we need fair access for US goods and services to these markets.


We are a country of immigrants. Border security remains our major problem under the current administration. Will work to stop the flow of illegal immigrants and improve merit-based immigration that has bought us talent, ideas and investment.


Obamacare has destroyed the concept of old-fashioned small practice by removing the competition and making health care unaffordable. I believe all policies should be free market related. President Trump administration was the first administration that tried to improve competitive pricing in the pharmaceutical industry.


We need to do more for protecting family’s safety and education. Education need not end after high school. American workforce will needs to be constantly educated and retooled to compete in the global economy.


I believe in the protection of our second amendment rights.