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7th District voters has a representative who has nothing to show for her term in office and represents the deep state establishment and special interests.

Crime has become rampant in our neighborhoods and our borders are less secure. Voters of CD 7 deserve safer neighborhoods and secure borders. Current administration is incapable of facing external threats being faced by our nation in Europe and East Asia. It is time we take care of our veterans who have sacrificed so much for our country.

She belongs to the party that has declared war on our fossil fuel industry because of which Americans pay higher for gas than they did before. If current representative is reelected her party will destroy our oil industry which took so many years to build. By doing that she will also destroy our downstream Manufacturing Industry which is feeding on the cheap oil and gas feedstocks. Today Texas power costs at 4.5 cents per kilowatt hour are one of the cheapest in the world. Even cheaper than middle east. If her green friends had their way, they will be double the cost of power like in Europe. With your help I will take our District back and safeguard what we have achieved in the Energy Sector as well as retain the manufacturing jobs created from our oil and gas industry.

As your representative I will do everything in my power to attract jobs in the new economy back to Texas.

The trillion-dollar handouts being given out by her party is creating inflation for the average Americans who have to pay more for groceries than they ever did before and our future generations will have to repay this debt. We need fiscal responsibility in Washington..

We need to restore competition back in our health care industry and avoid the pitfalls of socialized medicine where the current administrations want to take us.

In this election we have the opportunity to take our District back.