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7th District voters elected Lizzie Fletcher. She should have run in California or Massachusetts not Texas. She should know her voters better and be less kowtowing to San Franciscan congresswoman. This is Texas not San Francisco. Killing jobs and doing nothing but attacking the president is not the way to win represent us and fight for the issues that matter most to our district.

By opposing the bill that stops future presidents from banning fracking Lizzie Fletcher has shown she supports a fracking ban. We elected her to defend our energy jobs, not support bans that target the oil and gas industry. it's really shameful.

By voting for impeachment, Fletcher violated her pledge to voters that she would be a moderate and independent voice for the people of the 7th District.

In this election we have the opportunity to take our District back. If Lizzie Fletcher is reelected she will destroy our oil industry which took so many years to build. By doing that she will also destroy our Manufacturing Industry which is feeding on the cheap oil and gas feedstocks.

Today Texas power costs at 4.5 cents per kilowatt hour are one of the cheapest in the world. Even cheaper than middle east. If Lizzie Fletcher and her green friends had their way they will be double digits like in Europe.

With your help I will take our District back and safeguard what we have achieved in the Energy Sector as well as retain the manufacturing jobs created from our oil and gas industry.